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Where the Difference is Quality Since 1933

Welcome to Walden Cleaners & Laundry

Walden Cleaners is the oldest family owned business in Norman Oklahoma providing QUALITY garment care for 88 years.  We take pride in making you look good

Same Day Service at all locations

Walden West:  In by 9am back by 5pm
1211 36th Ave NW

Walden Main Plant:  In by 11am Back by 5pm
505 Highland Pkwy
405.321.6464 Ext: 3


The products we offer

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Dry Cleaning

Garments are cleaned with a dry solvent solution that weighs less than water does so in turn it is less abrasive on fabrics

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Laundry-Detail Press

Here at Walden's we take great pride in producing the best dress shirts in the industry

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Wash & Fold

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Free Pick up and Delivery

Contactless pick up and delivery to your home of office.  Log in and schedule today.

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PD, Military,Fire, Ems

Walden Cleaners offers special pricing for all front line workers

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A Lifetime of Saving
Sign up today at any one of our locations and start saving immediately.  Receive 15% off all your dry cleaning and laundry needs.  For every $1 spent earn 1 point and every 100 points receive a 15% coupon for your next visit.
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